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Alan Shamah, CEO/Partner Shamah Properties/ Shamco Management

80/50 Vision: The Mayor’s Bold Greenhouse Plan - Commercial Observer

Alan Shamah, CEO/Partner Shamah Properties/ Shamco Management

Alan Shamah of Shamah Properties, an owner of about 15 multifamily buildings across the city, said he believes that the economics of retrofits have started to work, even for small landlords like him.

“You would drive around New York City and see windows open in 20-degree temperatures because the boilers didn’t have a brain,” Mr. Shamah reminisced, though as many New Yorkers will tell you, that era isn’t over. Yet his buildings have been updating their boilers and adding the kind of measurement and verification equipment that Ms. Judah envisions everywhere. “I know what’s going on in all my buildings without going into the boiler room.”

Shamco has been retrofitting, sealing and adding sensors, frequently in collaboration with entities like Con Edison that want to help properties reduce demand. “I almost feel like the city shouldn’t have to impose anything,” he said. “You should do it from a business standpoint. It makes sense to do.”