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Alan Shamah, CEO/Partner Shamah Properties/ Shamco Management

Executive of the Month: Shamah, CEO of Shamah Properties and Shamco Management: Investor confidence and tenant focused

EDISON, NJ Back in 1980, Joseph Shamah purchased his first property on East 29th St. in Brooklyn. “Mr. Shamco,” as he was affectionately known by tenants, would often visit the buildings on weekdays and weekends attending to tenant issues and building wide projects.

“My father was a caring individual who would do anything he could to maintain and improve the quality of life for his tenants,” said Alan Shamah, CEO of Shamah Properties, who leads a second generation at the multifamily investment firm and its inhouse management company, Shamco Management.

This year, the company celebrates its 35th anniversary as one of New York City’s most respected commercial real estate firms. It currently owns and manages 25 properties comprising over 1,500 rental units primarily in Brooklyn neighborhoods like Flatbush, Crown Heights and Prospect Heights, Manhattan and the New York metropolitan area.

Along with his nephew Eddie Setton, director of acquisitions/managing partner and Carl Zekaria, administrative director/managing partner, Shamah is continuing the tradition Joseph Shamah started and growing the company in ways his father never could have imagined.

A Shamah Properties-owned/managed building in Flatbush, Brooklyn.