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Shamco Management launches new initiatives for tenants

NEW YORK, NY Shamco Management, a N.J.-based building-owner/management company, has launched a new Meet and Greet tenant/management program, along with innovative controls designed to quickly and efficiently address tenant concerns in rental buildings owned by the company in Brooklyn and the New York metro area.

The company began holding informal Meet and Greet meetings at various Shamco apartment communities for tenants and management to get feedback and discuss tenant needs.

Computers and phones are great for setting appointments or sending over documents, however getting instant feedback from tenants is invaluable, said Alan Shamah, a Shamco Management executive.The Meet and Greet is a great way to build strong ties with our tenants. Shamah said that tenants have already expressed how much they appreciate and like the meetings. The program, he said, is designed to augment the company’s present policy where management makes regular visits to maintain the properties and repair hot line management.